It would be embarrassing if Citrix were a high-tech IT company

Today I’ve started on my new development environment, downloading XenApp 7.12 from ‘My Citrix’,

Huh?!, download doesn’t start!, no accept button? I have Chrome 56, and with me (, almost 30 percent of all people.

Starting the same download in Edge, revealed a ‘Accept’ button;

and no, in Chrome, I could not scroll down to see the same button.

I’ve been downloading from for more than 20 years now, and I can remember many times in the past there is trouble downloading things from Many times the dialogues are messed up, and you can simply not download your software. I can understand that for, I don’t know, a hairdresser who starts making a website in his spare time. But come on guys, for a high-tech IT company it’s downright embarrassing.