Get-PC is a tool specially designed for helpdesk and system administrators. Get-PC allows you to quickly find who is currently logged on to the network, by searching in the open file sessions of your file servers. Once the user is found there are several handy links to perform your support tasks quickly, like modifying files for the user’s home/profile folder or control the user remotely. Get-PC is a portable .EXE file that requires no installation.

Get-PC features

  • Find currently active users
  • Find users/computers in A.D.
  • Quickly connect to a user’s home folder, profile folder, terminal server home folder or terminal server profile folder
  • Remote control a user/computer using remote assistance or RDP
  • View user account AD properties
  • Execute a remote command
  • Reboot several computers while keeping an eye on the reboot process
  • Quickly launch a remote system management
  • Use a remote task manager
  • Copy user/computer name/ad properties to the clipboard
  • Supports multiple file servers
  • ‘Portable .exe’ no installation required


  • A windows computer with .NET framework 2.0 or newer
  • An domain/administrative account in a Microsoft Active Directory
  • A windows/SMB file share, like a ‘home folder/share’ or a ‘profile folder/share’

Get-PC can be used for free, after the trial period expires you can continue to use GET-PC.