Ivanti RES workspace manager logon analyser

This tool allows you to get detailed information on the time it takes for your users to logon (the workspace manager part). It’s free and requires windows server 2008 R2 or better and ofcourse a workspace manager database. The software does require read-only access to the RES workspace manager database.



The software will find the shortest, longest and average logon duration on your specified date, on specified machines or just in general.

It also displays all sub logon tasks, how many times they occur and how long they take. It is also possible to export this information into excel.

The software presents a graph displaying the logon duration on a time scale;

Horizontal shows the number of logon’s, and the vertical axis shows the time in seconds. In this graph you can see that most users have a logon time of between 25 seconds and 75 seconds.

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